Saturday, October 10, 2009


Here goes Mario's new single "Thinkin' About You", the follow-up to his first single "Break Up" off of his upcoming album D.N.A.(Oct 13)....Production by The Runners and The Monarch.....written by Rico Love....and Mario really goes in on this one.....craaaaaazy

Thinkin About You - Mario


Check out Lloyd's brand new single "Pusha" (feat Lil Wayne)...written by The Monarch, Sean & Ray Ray, and Lloyd, and a real smooth beat produced by The Runners......Ahhhhhhhh

Pusha - Lloyd Ft Lil Wayne

Monday, March 30, 2009

Who is The Monarch?

Who is THE MONARCH? The Monarch is a music production trio based out of Orlando, Fl consisting of Dre, Sean D, and K-Ramz. Coming onto the scene in 2008, The Monarch was the first production team signed by super-producers The Runners, and have since co-produced numerous songs with them. Most notably, "Laid Back" by Rick Ross feat. Robin Thicke featured on his third major release Deeper than Rap, and Nina Sky's "Aint Easy" on their upcoming album The Musical.

Monarch’s unique, heavy hitting/melodic sound is one that is hard to confine to any genre...and as The Runners new protégé’s, expect to hear their sound evolve even more. The Monarch, is currently in-studio with a number of major releases expected in 2009. So stay tuned!

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